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Container survey

Container survey in conformity with IICL standards confined to determining whether specific damage to containers requires repair, recommendations of the repair procedure to permit safe return to service, monitoring repairs.

Containers are also the subject of "on hire container survey/ off hire container survey" too. They spend almost their entire life out of the hands of their owners on whose behalf they are usually on hire to some party. Basically the requirement of "on/off hire  container survey" is the same as that of a ship condition survey but it is, of course, very much less complex.

Containers are susceptible to handling damage and to damage from cargoes loaded into them. After a leasing arrangement has been entered into there will be need for a survey when the containers go "on hire" and survey again when they come "off hire". Generally only one container surveyor will be involved as the values at stake will usually leave each party prepared to accept the findings of one surveyor acting independently. Where both parties have confidence in an agreed repair firm and the extent of damage is not high it is not uncommon for them to dispense with the services of an independent marine surveyor and accept the repair firm's quote after having made it quite clear that only "recent damage", and no wear and tear, is to be covered.