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Ship condition surveys

As their name implies these surveys are for the purpose of determining the condition of a vessel or equipment at the time of the survey. While this is the requirement for all condition surveys they do not all share the same reason for the requirement. The reasons vary markedly and this is why the extent of survey or the emphasis of the survey, can vary considerably.

Pre-entry and periodical ship survey for P&I Clubs and H&M underwriters

Ship survey intended to provide a factual picture of the actual condition of the vessel at the time of inspection, information on the management, manning, safety, navigation, pollution prevention and cargo worthiness aspects of the vessel in order that underwriters can assess the risk of insuring the vessel for particular risks.

Ship Sale and Purchase survey

Inspection intended:

  • to see that condition of the vessel meets its sale specifications, or to convert it to the new owner’s requirements;
  • to identify any latent or specific defects which would affect operation, and
  • to assess if the vessel will be fit for required purpose.

On/off hire survey

Many shipowners offer their vessels for hire and, depending upon the terms of the charterparty, either an entire ship will be taken over by ship charterers to operate as though their own, with their own crew, or else only cargo spaces will be hired by them. In either case the charterers will have a responsibility for returning the ship, and principally the cargo spaces, to the owner in much the same condition as they were in at the beginning of the charter. To effect this it is usual for the parties to retain the services of a marine surveyor at the beginning (on hire survey) / completion (off hire survey) of the charter to record the condition principally of the cargo gear, the holds and ship's structure in the vicinity of the cargo working areas.